Thursday, 14 April 2016

Queen Scout Award

The Queen Scout Award is the highest award you can achieve in Scouting. I heard so much about the award over the years of being a Scout and I promised myself that one day I would achieve the award myself. It is a very difficult award to achieve and requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Around 500 Scouts in the UK achieve their QSA and are invited to Windsor Castle to celebrate their achievement. Working towards the award was very challenging however the overall experience was very rewarding and I am very proud that I achieved such a distinguished award.

Presented my QSA Award

Windsor Castle

There are a number of requirements of the QSA including the completion of a number of activities, a minimum of 18 nights camping within Scouting and the completion of 5 challenges. These challenges include a skill, physical activity, service, expedition and residential. Personally I found the completion of these challenges the most difficult part as it required a lot of time and commitment, however it was very rewarding and was good fun. It even kept me fit as I set myself regular challenges at the gym for a period of 12 months for my physical challenge. The challenge I found most enjoyable was the expedition. For this, I completed a 5 day sailing trip with Ocean Youth Trust. This was a fantastic experience as it allowed me to learn new skills and develop my team working skills as I was working closely with others. We set sail from Oban and originally planned to sail to Ireland, however the weather wasn’t great so we just sailed around Scotland instead which was still fantastic. We even stopped off at Tobermory for a few hours which was great to see, it is possibly the prettiest port in Scotland with all its lovely colourful houses. I was just so excited to say I have been to Balamory.

OYT Sailing Trip

I was so excited to head to Windsor to celebrate my achievement. The parade was amazing and is an experience I will always remember. We marched around into Windsor Castle, where we were met and greeted by the Duke of Kent, Bear Grylls and Wayne Bullpit the UK Chief Commissioner. My time at Windsor was even more special as my best friend Linzi and a few other friends from my group and district had also achieved the award. This meant we were able to celebrate our achievement together.

Parade at Windsor Castle

Scottish Queen Scout's at Windsor Castle

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