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If you have been following my blog, you have probably gathered by now that I love a bit of adventure- well, what scout doesn’t? I have been lucky enough to take part in a large amount of activities that I probably never would have even dreamed of partaking in if it wasn’t for scouts. Thinking back, the list of activities seems endless but my favourites include: kayaking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, coasteering, sailing and archery.


I have been to lots of great places to participate in these activities and have such great memories. One thing I am grateful to my Scout leaders for, is introducing to me all these amazing activities. A few of them are now hobbies of mine. For example, kayaking. I LOVE kayaking! I hope to get my own kayak very soon (when I’m no longer a poor student) so I can just go out whenever I want.

One activity which stands out for me is coasteering. I have did this twice in Guernsey. It was a terrifying, adrenaline rushing activity that I am thrilled to say I have took part in. We would start off on the beach and then swim out in the FREEZING cold sea. The instructors would play a few games with us to try and warm everyone up. We then climbed over some rocks and crawled through some caves. Then came the scary part. We climbed up the side of cliffs and would jump in to the water. Although it was so much fun, when you get up to the top and look over, it always seems so much higher than it is. I remember hesitating every time I looked over, and kept running back from the edge. Eventually I gathered up the courage and shut my eyes and leaped off the edge. After that, I couldn’t stop. It was such a great adrenaline rush and was so much fun.


Although I am lucky enough to have participated in so many great activities, there are still a few that I am determined to tick off my bucket list, including white water rafting. Hopefully I will be able to tick that one off my list this summer after our adventure filled summer camp to Switzerland! There are several more activities on my list such as sky diving, bungee jumping etc. Of course, I will do that in my own time and not in a Scouting situation (I’m pretty sure jumping out of a plane with Scouts is frowned upon). 

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